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Manava Seva Dharma Samvardhani, is a Sanskrit phrase that means— the Divine Mother who kindles the natural, inborn but hidden inclination in every human being to serve others. Registered as a Public Charitable Trust, in 1999, Manava Seva Dharma Samvardhani’s mission has been to promote social consciousness in society and enable social citizenry.

Activities of Manava Seva Dharma Samvardhani (MSDS) are targeted around social entrepreneurs—people with a bright social change idea, who invent and disseminate new approaches and sustainable solutions to create social value.

MSDS facilitates social entrepreneurship in India through its multifarious activities:
  • Felicitating established social entrepreneurs with Sadguru Gnanananda Awards
  • Recognising budding social entrepreneurs with Sadguru Gnanananda Fellowships
  • Grooming prospective social entrepreneurs by offering training in Social Entrepreneurship through CSIM centres
  • Supporting Social entrepreneurs through volunteering initiatives like Dal, Oil, and Sugar (DOS) scheme & Annadhanam.
  • Regular publications on social entrepreneurship
  • Promoting transparency and professionalism amongst social enterprises through Social accounting and Audit

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